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No-nonsense image manager with HTML support

In a marketplace dominated by big photo apps such as iPhoto and Picasa, there's still a place for no-nonsense photo management applications such as uAlbum.

uAlbum allows you simply to rename, rotate, scale and crop images and, for those that have HTML skills, even create albums. When you open uAlbum, you have the navigation menu down the left-hand side and the viewer, which takes up the majority of the screen on the right. Using the navigational bar, find the folder where your pictures are stored. uAlbum takes a few seconds to assimilate them and then displays them in the viewer below.

With the click of a button on the left, you can display the EXIF data, although you can't edit this data. You can, however, change the date and time of the photo. Alternatively, you can add comments which will be integrated into your HTML album if you choose to build one later. You can rotate images using a small rotation wheel, select which size you want to display photos in, and flip them from side to side using a series of buttons at the top of the main viewer.

Overall, uAlbum is easy to use although if you get stuck at any point there's not much support. The help file is non-existent and the developer's site consists of badly-translated Chinese which leaves you none the wiser. For such a lightweight application, it can be a bit slow at importing photos although not painfully so.

uAlbum is an ideal choice for those who want to create a web album in HTML or just want a simple photo viewing and management application.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to rotate, flip and manage photos
  • Ideal for those creating web albums in HTML


  • No help file
  • No Geotagging
  • Can be slow to import


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uAlbum 1.6.1 for Mac


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